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for Mat1 (Mathematics)

Contact: Diego Ruano

Literature: Niels Lauritzen "Concrete abstract algebra", Cambridge University Press, 2003. ISBN: 978-0-521-53410-9. Errata.

Schedule: Course schedule.

Lecture sheets:
Lecture 1, Wednesday September 8th.
Lecture 2, Friday September 10th.
Lecture 3, Wednesday September 15th.
Lecture 4, Friday September 17th.
Lecture 5, Tuesday September 21st.
Lecture 6, Wednesday September 22nd.
Lecture 7, Tuesday October 5th.
Lecture 8, Thursday October 7th.
Lecture 9, Tuesday October 12th.
Lecture 10, Thursday October 14th.
Lecture 11, Tuesday October 19th.
Lecture 12, Thursday October 21st.
Lecture 13, Tuesday November 2nd.
Lecture 14, Thursday November 4th.
Lecture 15, Tuesday November 9th.
Lecture 16, Tuesday November 16th.
Lecture 17, Thursday November 18th.
Lecture 18, Tuesday November 23rd.
Lecture 19, Thursday November 25th.
Lecture 20, Tuesday November 30th.

Slides lecture 3, Wednesday September 15th.
Slides lecture 4, Friday September 17th.
Slides lecture 5, Tuesday September 21st.
Slides lecture 6, Wednesday September 22nd.
Slides lecture 7, Tuesday October 5th.
Slides lecture 8, Thursday October 7th.
Slides lecture 9, Tuesday October 12th.
Slides lecture 10, Thursday October 14th.
Slides lecture 11, Tuesday October 19th.
Slides lecture 12, Thursday October 21st.
Slides lecture 13, Tuesday November 2nd.
Slides lecture 14, Thursday November 4th.
Slides lecture 15, Tuesday November 9th.
Slides lecture 16, Tuesday November 16th.
Slides lecture 17, Thursday November 18th.
Slides lecture 18, Tuesday November 23rd.
Slides lecture 19, Thursday November 25th.
Slides lecture 20, Tuesday November 30th.

Algebra Exam: January 13th and 14th.
Pensum/Curriculum, comments and questions.
Questions and Answers, Tuesday January 11th, 9:00 at room G5-112

Basic RSA: Maple worksheet we did during lecture 5.

Miniproject week 43:
General project description.
Slides Monday October 25th.
Slides Wednesday October 27th.
Miniproject exam: Thursday November 11th.

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