Computer Algebra in Coding Theory and Cryptography CACTC 2016






Accepted Talks

  1. Paper Title: On multivariable asymmetric public-key cryptography based on simultaneous algebraic Riccati equations over finite fields.

    Authors: Y. Peretz.

  2. Paper Title: Is it hard to retrieve an error-correcting pair?

    Authors: I. Márquez-Corbella R. Pellikaan.

  3. Paper Title: Solving the Binary Puzzle

    Authors: P. Utomo and R. Makarim.

  4. Paper Title: Generalized hadamard Additive Codes.

    Authors: S. T. Dougherty, J. Rifà and M. Villanueva.

  5. Paper Title: Galois Theory for Linear Codes.

    Authors: A. Fotue Tabue, E. Martínez-Moro and C. Mouaha.

  6. Paper Title: Betti Numbers and Generalized Hamming Weights

    Authors: I. Márquez-Corbella and E. Martínez-Moro.


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