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Aalborg Universitet

Contact: Diego Ruano.

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Monday December 10th, 8:15-12:00: We will construct finite fields and study its arithmetic.
Wednesday December 12th, 8:15-12:00: Finite fields in computer algebra systems. Irreducible polynomials, Conway polynomials.
Friday December 14th, 8:15-12:00. Polynomial functions. Berlekamp’s algorithm. Multiplication of polynomials.
Tuesday December 18th, 12:30-16:15. Application: secret sharing, steganography.
Wednesday December 19th, 8:15-12:00: Linearized polynomials. Application: Kötter-Kschischang codes for networks.
Friday December 21st, 8:15-12:00: Evaluation: student's presentation of selected exercises.

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We will use the mathematics software Sage.
You can download and install it (its free) or use it on-line here.
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Maple 16:
We will also use the computer algebra system Maple a bit.
Instalation guide (see the box on the left for choosing the operating system).
Link for downloading Maple and the license code.
MaplePrimes: A Web community about Maple.