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The group SINGACOM is working on several research areas within Algebraic Geometry, Singularities, Commutative Algebra, Combinatorics, Coding, Computation and Optimization. We have specialized researchers on the several areas. The research themes include the following:

  • Global Geometry of curves and of meromorphic vector fields.
  • Affine and Projective Algebraic Geometry. Toric Geometry.
  • Discrete Mathematics. Graphs.
  • Applied Algebra and Algebraic Geometry.
  • Resolution of singularities, procedures and algorithms.
  • Local Algebra. Graduations. Valuations.
  • Integral closure of ideals. Valuation spaces.
  • Linear systems with assigned base conditions. Aplications to interpolation.
  • Poincaré Series. Integration. Aplications to singularity theory.
  • Arc spaces. Motivic Integration. Aplications.
  • Classification of singularities and equisingularity.
  • Non commutative Geometry. Homological aspects.
  • Algebraic-geometric codes. Coding and decoding.
  • Algebraic and arithmetic combinatorics. Combinatoric geometry. Optimization.
  • Symbolic computation in algebraic geometry and singularities.
  • Logic and computation. Algorithms complexity.