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About me

I am Associated Professor at the University of Valladolid, Castilla, Spain. I am member of the Institute of Mathematics, and I am involved in SINGACOM reseach Group. Maybe you are looking for the "real" Edgar Martínez?

Research interests: My main interest is in algebraic coding theory, especially in the connections between codes, algebraic geometry and computer algebra tools (mainly Groebner basis). This developed from earlier research on association schemes and their computer algebra manipulation, and these topics continue to be important in current research. My most recent work are concerned with polynomial codes over rings, gradient descent like decoding methods, minimal codewords in codes and post quantum cryptography related to hard coding problems.
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My Erdos number is 3. You can check here the different paths from me to Erdos through my co-workers.

Here it is my mathematical genealogy thanks to the mathematical genealogy project.

PhD Students

Irene Márquez-Corbella
(Cosupervised with Antonio Campillo)
University of Valladolid (2009-2013)
Lamia Bouzara
(Cosupervised with Kenza Guenda)
UST Houari Boumediene (2017-2022)
Sarra Talbi
(Cosupervised with Aicha Batoul)
UST Houari Boumediene (2018-2022)
Rene Moiche University of Yaoundé I (2018-present)
Seyma Bodur
(Cosupervised with Diego Ruano)
University of Valladolid (2020- present)
Francisco Galluccio
(Cosupervised with Maria Chara)
Universidad Nacional del Litoral (2021- present)