Thematic Seminar

"Algebraic Geometry, Coding and Computing"

Universidad de Valladolid - E. U. Informática, Segovia

October 8-9th, 2007


About Segovia

About Segovia ...

How to arrive

From inside Spain there are many possibilities to take to Segovia by public transport. Specially, there are frequent buses from Madrid and Valladolid, and some trains from Madrid. We give more details below, with the ...

Information for foreign participants: 

The nearest airport to Segovia is Madrid-Barajas. The distance from Madrid to Segovia is about 100 km.

From Madrid to Segovia you can go:

By bus: there are buses each half an hour. The bus takes 75 minutes to get Segovia. The company that gives this service is La Sepulvedana. A complete timetable can be found in its web page and also in infosegovia. The bus station is located in Paseo de la Florida, just in front of the Principe Pío Train Station. To get the bus station from the airport you can take the Metro (line 8) in Barajas to the stop Nuevos Ministerios, and then change to line 10 to Principe Pío. A taxi from Barajas to La Sepulvedana station costs around 30 euros.

By train: there are trains each two hours. The train takes two hours to get Segovia. You can get a train in the Train Station Madrid-Nuevos Ministerios to Segovia. The company that gives this service is Renfe. A complete timetable can be found in its web page. To get this train station just take the Metro in Barajas to Nuevos Ministerios.

By car: you can take the highway A6 (towards A Coruña) and follow the indications Segovia. It takes one hour to get Segovia.

By taxi: a taxi from Barajas to Segovia must be very expensive, you have to discuss the price with the taxi driver.

Once in Segovia you can either walk, the city is not very big, or take a taxi. You can see a map on line by a click here.

Contact with the organizers if you need hints for travels from other airports.


Participants have to care about their accommodation.
Note that Segovia is a very turistic location, so that reservations should be made in advance.
Contact with the organizers if you need some help about accommodation.

At list these two Hotels allow a direct on-line reservation:

A larger list of possible accommodations, together with general Turistic Information about Segovia, can be found at these links: