Thematic Seminar

"Algebraic Geometry, Coding and Computing"

Universidad de Valladolid - E. U. Informática, Segovia

October 8-10th, 2007


About Segovia

Aim & Scope

The Thematic Seminar on "Algebraic Geometry, Coding and Computing" is taking place in Segovia within the dates October 8-10th (2007).
Further details will be provided on this web page from now on.

This Seminar is thought as the second one for a series of Workshops devoted to computational and applied topics related to Algebraic Geometry.
The aim is to learn and discuss in depth about concrete topics which are of primary interest for mathematics community in Spain.

Formally, the Seminar will be a 3 days Workshop devoted to the following topics in Computational Algebraic Geometry:
  • Algorithms, mainly for decoding error-correcting codes. 
  • Computer software in Coding Theory and Cryptography. 
  • New problems in Coding Theory.
Speakers include:

Maria Bras-Amorós
Stanislav Bulygin (TU Kaiserslautern)

José Ignacio Farrán (Universidad de Valladolid)
Johan P. Hansen (Aarhus Universitet)
James Hirschfeld (Sussex University)
Tom Hoeholdt (DTU, Copenhagen)
Llorenc Huguet (Universitat de les Illes Balears)

Carlos Munuera (Universidad de Valladolid)
Ruud Pellikaan (TU Eindhoven)

Participants are expected to be specialists on Computer Algebraic Geometry, as well as young researchers in Computing, Coding and Cryptography.