Date:  12-16 July 2010
Place: Soria, Spain

The S3CM: Soria Summer School on Computational Mathematics is a series of annual international school mostly intended for Master, PhD students and Postdocs working on computational mathematics. This year the meeting will be devoted to the topic

"Algebraic Geometric Modelling in Information Theory"

It will take place in the Campus of Soria of the Universidad de Valladolid and hosted by SINGACOM reseach group.

The AGMINT aim is to fill in the gap between the theoretical part of algebraic geometry and the applications to problem solving and computational modelling in engineering in signal processing and information theory which involve non trivial knowledgement of algebra and geometry. The students of this IP will receive both theoretical and practical formation in those topics and as it is traditional on the S3CM schools also in the software needed for dealing with those modelling problems.


Files of the lectures (See regularly for updates)


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Address (contact)

Universidad de Valladolid
Campus "Duques de Soria"
Dpto. Matemática Aplicada
E-42003 Soria, Castilla, Spain

Phone: +34 975 129420

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