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How to get to Soria

Nearest airports:

The nearest airport to Soria is Zaragoza (ZAZ). The distance from Zaragoza to Soria is 154 km. You can fly to Zaragoza from the following places


For any other destinantion you should choose Madrid-Barajas Airport (Madrid is 207 km away from Soria). Note that the campus of Soria is quite far away from the main campus of University of Valladolid (212 km), thus we do not recomend to fly to Valladolid unless you want to take a tour through the capital of Castilla y León before or after the school. You can fly to Valladolid (Villanubla) VLL Airport from BARCELONA, PARIS /ORLY , LONDRES /STANSTED, MILAN /ORIO AL SERIO, TENERIFE SUR, SEVILLA and BRUSELAS /CHARLEROI.

Travelling by car:

If you are driving on your own you can prepare an itinerary clicking here.

From Zaragoza to Soria:

From the airport to Zaragoza: Zaragoza Airport is located approximately ten kilometers southeast of the city, and it stands fully within the municipality of Zaragoza.
By taxi: There is a taxi stop beside the arrivals gate. The price to the centre of Zaragoza, approximately €25.
By bus: Zaragoza-airport route. The timetable depends on the flight schedules and the price is €2.50

Zaragoza-Soria You should take a bus at "Estación Central de Autobuses de Zaragoza" (Avda Navarra, 80) There is a bus from Zaragoza to Soria approximately every hour and a half, from 7:30 to 20:30, and it takes two hours to arrive at Soria. The bus company is Therpasa and you can check the timetable here Zaragoza-Soria and way back Soria-Zaragoza. The price is around €10 one way and you can buy it at the station or online in Therpasa. You can also travel to Soria with the bus company LINECAR from the same station.

From Madrid to Soria:

By bus: The bus company travelling from Madrid to Soria is ALSA (Formely Continental-Auto). There is a bus approximately every 2 hours (aprox. 17 euros). Normally you can get the bus at "Intercambiador de transportes de Avenida de América" (Note that some few buses leave from Madrid airport T4 terminal.). To get to "Intercambiador de transportes de Avenida de América" you can go by taxi (aprox. 25-30 euros) or by Metro (from aeropuerto station "linea 8" to the Colombia station then "linea 9" to Avenida de América station).
By train: Madrid's railway station to travel to Soria is "Estación de Chamartín". In the web page of Renfe (national railway) you can check the timetable (there are two dayly trains and one extra train on fridays). To get to Chamartín railway station you can go by taxi (aprox. 25-30 euros) or by Metro (from aeropuerto station "linea 8" to the Nuevos Ministerios station then "linea 10" to the Chamartín station).

From Valladolid to Soria:

From Villanubla airport to Valladolid: Valladolid-Villanubla Airport is located approximately kilometers north Valladolid within the municipality of Villanubla.
By taxi: There is a taxi stop beside the arrivals gate. The aproximate prices to the centre of Valladolid are €18 from Monday to Saturday and €19.50 on Sundays and public holidays. (Information telephones: 983 291 411 and 983 207 755).
By bus: There is a Linecar line from the airport to Valladolid central bus station.

Valladolid-Soria You should take a bus at the "Estación de Autobuses de Valladolid" (Avda Puente Colgante). The bus company is LINECAR. The timetable is Valladolid-Soria 9:40-15:00-18:30 Mon-Sun and Soria-Valladolid 10:00-14:45-19:00 Mon-Sun. The trip takes around 3 hours. The price is around €18 one way and you can buy it at the station.

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Once in Soria

Once in Soria you can either walk, the city is not very big (the maximum diameter of Soria is 30-40 minutes walking), take a bus (there are lines from the bus and train stations to the city center Mariano Granados, very close to the residence) or take a taxi. You can see an online map on line below. The school will take place at Duques de Soria Campus and all the students will be located at the student residence "Duques de Soria".

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Address (contact)

Universidad de Valladolid
Campus "Duques de Soria"
Dpto. Matemática Aplicada
E-42003 Soria, Castilla, Spain

Phone: +34 975 129420