GAS virtual
Algebraic Geometry and Singularities @SINGACOM

Due the university closure related to COVID-19 outbreak is forcing us all to stay home, and since there is little hope that there will be foregoing conferences and our group seminar for the next few months we will try change to virtual seminars the traditional in-person seminar at least until it is safe to resume our more traditional forms of professional networking. Note that geographic location matters a lot less for a virtual seminar it will be open to all those that want to (virtually) attend.

At the same time we will launch a new seminar series Spanish-Colombian on Coding and Crypto (SC3) in collaboration with the Mathematics & Statistics Department @UNiNorte (Colombia) in order to strength those topics in Colombia. Some seminars of this series will be in common with Virtual GAS and some sessions will be devoted to 3-4 hour minicourses.

We will use WebEx for the seminar. You need to enroll yourself once here in order to get the password for the seminar. Enter the seminar with the information provided by the organizers. When you enter, your microphone will be muted. If you want to ask a question, click the "raise hand" button. If the speaker engages you, then unmute your microphone to ask your question. Be sure to re-mute once the speaker has finished addressing your question. There is also a group chat where people can type their questions (and answers).