El Escorial is located in the North-west part of the province of Madrid, at a distance of about 50 km from the capital. The Residencia San José is located in the town of El Escorial, the address is Avenida Reyes Católicos, 12 and it is in the intersection with Avenida Felipe II.

Residencia San José

Residencia San José provides sufficiently large lecture rooms, as well as room and full board for all those participants who may wish to stay there along with some basic services.

The building has been renovated recently. All rooms have a private bathroom and shower. Besides the dining room where all meals will be served, there is a small cafeteria and vending machines for soft drinks or beer. Although some of the services available are modest or limited, we (the organizers) found the place comfortable and pleasant.

However, participants are reminded that Residencia San José is neither a research institute nor a hotel and therefore does not offer some of the typical services one may expect. For example, there is no library and the possibilities for computer connections may be limited. There will be no TV or phones in the rooms and no wake-up calls either.


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