Thematic Seminar

"Singularities, Algebraic Geometry, Computing and Information"

Universidad de Valladolid - E. U. Informática, Segovia

October 15-16th, 2009

About Segovia


Aim & Scope

The Thematic Seminar on "Singularities, Algebraic Geometry, Computing and Information" is taking place in Segovia within the dates October 15-16th (2009).
Participants are expected to arrive to Segovia in the afternoon of Wednesday 14th, and the Seminar will end in the evening on Friday 16th. Further details will be provided on this web page from now on.

This Seminar is thought as for a series of Workshops devoted to computational and applied topics related to Algebraic Geometry. The aim is to learn and discuss in depth about concrete topics which are of interest for mathematics community in Spain. The workshop also is though as a coordinating one of research projects developed by the organizing group.

Formally, the Seminar will be a 2 days Workshop devoted to Abstract or Computational Singularities, Algebraic Geometry and Information Theory Speakers include:

Argimiro Arratia (UPC, Barcelona)
Rocío Blanco Somolinos (Castilla La Mancha University)
Antonio Campillo (Valladolid University)
Julio Castellanos (UCM, Madrid)
Félix Delgado de la Mata (Valladolid University)
Eugenia Ellis (Buenos Aires University)
Santiago Encinas Carrión (Valladolid University)
Rosa M. de Frutos (Valladolid University)
Carlos Galindo (Castellón University)
Evelia García-Barroso (La Laguna University)
Fernando Hernando (University College, Cork, Ireland)
Mustapha Lahyane (Universidad Michacana, Morelia, México)
Carlos Marijuán (Valladolid University)
Irene Márquez Corbella (Valladolid University)
C.Ana Núñez (Valladolid University)
Francisco Monserrat Delpalillo (UPV, Valencia)
Jorge Olivares (CIMAT, Guanajuato, México)
María Jesús Pisabarro (Leon University)
Alberto Vigneron-Tenorio (Cadiz University)

Participants are expected to be specialists on Computer Algebraic Geometry, as well as young researchers in Singularities, Algebraic Geometry, Computing or Information Theory.