First meeting for young mathematicians In Sedano

"Topics in Algebra"



Hints for travel

Please let us know your travel plan or any problems that you find, because maybe we can make the trip together in our car or pick you up somewhere. Let us know if your travel plans involve spending a night outside of Sedano (in order to get the plane connection etc), we can book a hotel or give you a list of hotels. Sedano is a small village situated in the north-west of the province of Burgos. Click here to see a map. The are 3 different possibilities to get to Sedano:
  • Driving on your own. You can prepare an itinerary clicking here.
  • Going by bus from Burgos. The bus company that operates from Burgos to Sedano is Continental-Auto. There is one bus in the morning and another one in the afternoon: Line: "Madrid-Santander por Torrelavega". Departure, Burgos: 10:30 Arrival, Sedano: 11:35 Price: 2.73 euros Runs daily Line: "Burgos-Arija". Departure, Burgos: 18:00 Arrival, Sedano: 19:05 Price: 2.73 euros Runs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • Depending on the number of available cars of the participants we can arrange to meet in Burgos with the people that can not get the bus connection.

MADRID: If you fly to Madrid-Barajas airport you can travel to Burgos by bus or by train, (it is faster and cheaper by bus).

The bus company that operates from Madrid to Burgos is Continental-Auto. There is a bus approximately every 2 hours (13,65 euros), click here for details (L=Lunes means Monday not Sunday). You can get the bus at the "Intercambiador de transportes de Avenida de América". To get to the "Intercambiador de transportes de Avenida de América" you can go by Taxi (aprox. 20 euros) or by Metro (from aeropuerto station "linea 8" to the Colombia station then "linea 9" to Avenida de América station).

Madrid's railway station to travel to Burgos is "Estación de Chamartín". In the web page of Renfe (national railway) you can check the timetable, for instance. To get to Chamartín railway station you can go by taxi (aprox. 20 euros) or by Metro (from aeropuerto station "linea 8" to the Nuevos Ministerios station then "linea 10" to the Chamartín station).

VALLADOLID: If you fly to Valladolid airport you can travel to Burgos by bus or by train. The destinations are Barcelona, Málaga, Brussels-Charleroi, Paris-Orly, Lisbon and London-Stansted.To go from the Valladolid airport to the bus station you can go by Bus with Linecar or by Taxi (a fix rate of 14 euros). To travel from Valladolid to Burgos you can travel by train (Renfe) or by bus (with Alsa).

BILBAO: You can also travel to Bilbao-Bilbo airport, with the following destinations. If you want to travel to this airport let us know and we will inform you.

(*) We advise that, as in all big cities, people are careful with their possesions on the metro and in the bus stations.