Registration fees

Early registration before June 10, 2015. Registration includes coffee breaks, conference registration package, and one free sightseeing excursion ticket. It does not include the banquet. Banquet tickets will be available for sale at the registration desk, as a price of no more than $50 euros per ticket.

Student Early: 100 euros (payable by credit card, on-line only)
Late: 150 euros (payable by cash, on-site only)
Regular registration: Early: 150 euros (payable by credit card, on-line only)
Late: 200 euros (payable by cash, on-site only)

Registration procedure

You will be able to register for ACA 2015 through this link. Please follow the instructions below for registration process:

After visiting the aforementioned page, if you do not see everything in English you can click on the Greek flag at the top middle of the page and change it to English. Everything will be now translated in English. Now, the steps to register:

  1. Check of appropriate radio button under "Available Options" (e.g. early or late registration). Depending on your choice the price may change.
  2. Check the appropriate radio button under "Conferences" (e.g. Regular Participants, Students or Accompanying persons). Again, depending on your choice the price may change.
  3. Change the quantity to your like.
  4. Press the "Add to cart" button.
If you pay for additional persons (e.g. accompanying persons, or students) you can repeat the process for each person or you can checkout for one person each time.

Checkout process:
  • On the top right of the screen, click on the right of the cart, and on the pull down window that appears, click the "VIEW CART" button if you want to view your cart, or the "CHECKOUT" button to proceed with payment. Select if you want to create an account or checkout as a guest (which does not need to create an account). Press "CONTINUE".
  • On Step 2 complete your details and press "CONTINUE".
  • CAUTION on Step 4 to select the "Pickup From Store" radio button and NOTHING ELSE!!! Then click on "CONTINUE".
  • On Step 5 you select the Payment Method and then click on "CONTINUE". You can type any comments you may have here.
  • On step 6 you confirm the order.
If you have selected the wire transfer method of payment, you'll see details of both our bank accounts. BE SURE to PAY for ALL banking fees (on both sides of the transaction, NOT only on your side)!
Continue by pressing "CONFIRM ORDER" and as soon as you do the wire transfer, let us know its details by e-mail to or fax at +30-210-7600956.
If you have selected payment by credit card, on step 6 you are presented with your order and by pressing the "CONTINUE" button you are redirected to our bank's secure server in order to complete your credit card's charge.
After you complete all details, you're all set and done!! As soon as money is received (in a few days, usually 1-4 working days), we'll send you a confirmation message about your registration. For any questions, suggestions etc, please send to
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