Segovia /

El Escorial


18th - 29th July 2011

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The Second International Conference and Workshop on Valuation Theory is an international meeting whose aim is to explore the connections among several topics in algebra and geometry, which are connected through the notion of valuation. It is a continuation, twelve years later, of the First International Conference and Workshop on Valuation Theory which took place in Saskatoon (Canada) in the summer of 1999.

Apart from the lectures of the invited speakers, there will be a few specialized courses in these topics, mainly on the first week of the conference. In addition, a small number of talks will be selected by the Scientific Committee from the proposals made by the participants. Participants are also invited to submit posters.

The Valuation Theory Home Page provides a framework to communicate and discuss mathematical contents and practical information related to this subject.

Main topics

The list of topics includes, but is not restricted to:
Valued Fields with operators, ramification theory in positive characteristic and the defect, local uniformization, extremal fields and large fields, transseries, semigroups of values, multi-index filtrations, dicritical divisors, completions, generating sequences, spaces of valuations, tropical and Berkovich geometry, spaces of real places, arc spaces and motivic integration, model theory.

Structure and venue

The first week will take place from Monday 18th to Friday 22th July in Segovia.
On Saturday 23th there will be an excursion and the transfer from Segovia to the nearby town of El Escorial.
The second week will begin at El Escorial starting on Sunday 24th till Thursday 28th. On Friday 29th there will be no scheduled activities. Participants are expected to leave the residence on Friday 29th.

The first week, July 18-22, will contain a series of lectures on the general topics needed to follow the developments at the Conference, together with a selection of talks from the proposals submitted by the participants.

The conference will take place in the second week, starting from Sunday 24th till Thursday 28th July. The Scientific Committee will carefully study and choose the best developments in the field in the past years that presently have a high influence. The list of speakers is at this link. During the second week there will be also a series of talks from the proposals submitted by the participants.

There will be poster sessions also.

Registration fee

Registration fee for conference and workshop:
Full registration: 100 euro (applies for the two weeks).
Reduced registration: 60 euro (applies only for one week).

Early registration deadline: 19/06/2011.

This fee will be managed with the help of the "Fundación General de la Universidad de Valladolid".
Please first fill out the inscription form before paying your registration fee.

To pay the registration fee please follow this link.